Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Boatnerds Gather

Last week, the Boatnerds, an unofficial group of boat watchers, met in the Sault for their annual celebrations of the glory of Great Lakes ships. This group share a love for watching the great boats that traverse the waterways. I wasn't able to join them this year but I found a great description of the time at Nerds Gather.

Today is the groundbreaking of the new lock at the Soo at 10 AM. I will post pictures as soon as they become available.


Cathy Clementz said...

Can't wait to see those photos!! I hope you are able to provide progressive shots! I find this type of engineering to be fascinating!

Bill K. said...

Just a quick note. The ceremony went well, no rain. Lots of speeches. This is a 10 Year project. I keep wondering if the money is going to be available.

Saw the Joseph L Block up bound into the locks at 12:45 PM today. Its the first time I have seen her this far north.

Sault Boat Watcher said...

Thanks for the update Bill. I haven't received any pictures yet.

Cathy, I think your idea of progressive shots is great. I wonder what is being done around the Soo to get ready for the influx of workers. I hope there will be lots of employment opportunities for the area because of the construction on the new lock.

Bill K. said...

well...since no one else is around I will do some of my rambling...
Watched the cruise ship Clelia II go though the up bound lock yesterday (7/1/09) at 4:15 PM. She was tied to the Carbide dock by Alfred Park for awhile during the early afternoon. She is a beauty.

Today (7/2/09) I saw the Ojibway restocking the James R Barker (Interlake Steamship Company)down bound this afternoon. She was followed out of the locks a few minutes later by the Fontenac (Canadian Steamship Line)down bound.

Bill K. said...

Saw 2 boats down bound on the locks camera this morning at 7:30. Also saw one up bound at the same time. Had to go out of town for awhile today but got back in time to watch the pusher Dorothy Ann down bound with the barge Pathfinder at 9:15 PM out of the locks.

Bill K. said...

All Aboard for the Great Tug Boat Races.

Gator Class Winners:

Whitney III #1
Cobra #2
Ricketts Harbour #3
Mikayla #4

Hobby Class Winner:
Restless (No Contenders) #1

200 - 500 Horse Power:

J D Graham #1
Regan #2
Deschenes #3
Avery Bay #4
Renesue #5

Race Suspended at 12:40 PM to allow the Ocean Goer Flinterdun up bound into the locks

Race Continued at 12:50 PM

0 to 200 Horse Power:

Sheila P #1
Scottish Thistle #2
Queesville #3
Boomalong No Place
Queen of Hearts No Place
Daisy No Place

Fish Tugs:

Lelia Mae #1
Kelsey T #2

500 Horse Power Plus:

Wilfred M. Cohen #1
Reliance #2
W J Isaac Purvis #3
Avenger IV #4
W J Ivan Purvis No Place
W I Scott Purvis No Place

Note: The Wilfred M Cohen ran no other races due to engine seizure

80's Classic (New Race)for original boats who ran in the 1980 Race:

Boom A Long #1
Whitney III #2
Renesue #3

Big Tug Grudge Match's:

Deschenes #1
J D Graham #2
Avery Bay #3
Regan #4

Little Tugs Grudge Match:

Sheila P #1
Queensville #2
Scottish Thistle #3
Cobra #4
Whitney III #5

Bill K. said...

Also saw the AlgoWood up bound to the locks at 4:50 PM

Ojibway from Lower Lakes Towing Inc was down bound out of the locks at 5:10 PM

Paul R Tregurtha from Interlake Steamship Co. was up bound to the locks at 5:25 PM behind the Algowood.

Bill K. said...

Late night 07/4/09...12:55 AM 07/05/09, Locks are busy tonight. American Century, Sea Robin, Agawa Canyon are Up bound, and the Tioga and Maxima are Down bound.