Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day in the Sault

Yesterday started with a beautiful sunrise. A peaceful morning on the river and a great memory to keep up throughout the winter. A beautiful sunrise is a fleeting moment and it didn't take long for the sun to wash out the pinks in our picture. There are no geese or seagulls here now. Just a mother duck with her 10 ducklings who are now about the same size as her.

The boat traffic kept me busy on Sunday. They were making up the lost time from the wind storm of Friday and Saturday. Many boats were anchored at Whitefish Point and near the Straits. We saw the following boats on Sunday and I'm sure there were more.
CSL Niagara
Cason J. Calloway
Canadian Provider
St. Clair
Canadian Progress
American Mariner
Canadian Transport

My hydrangea tree has outdone itself this year. I never get tired of this tree that was planted 50 years ago by my grandmother.

At sunset last night, we were again treated to a Mother Nature show. Plus in this picture you can see two boats on the river. I believe it is the St. Clair going down and the Canadian Transport coming up.

Enjoy you Labor (Labour) Day. It's back to work for me on Wednesday.

The Kaministqua is out front right now heading up the river.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

First Fall-Like Storm

We traveled up to the Soo on Thursday evening. Our plan was to avoid the heavy traffic of the weekend and it worked well. As we were coming close to Gaylord on Alba Road, we spotted this beautiful rainbow. I wonder if the farmer who works this big farm noticed found the pot of gold that must have been in his field. This is a u-pick strawberry farm that always looks so well-maintained to me. So I guess this field is a pot of gold for the owner.

The weather has been really interesting since we got here. We arrived in a very heavy rainstorm on Thursday night. The rain continued off and on all during the night. Our yard is too wet to mow which it really needs. There is standing water all around.

Yesterday we did get to see some boats. Thursday night and Friday morning there were 3 thousand footers. The Edgar B. Speer was out front when we arrived. The Indiana Harbor passed during the night and then the American Spirit was headed up Friday morning.

As we headed to town, we saw the Roger Blough getting supplies from the supply boat before heading down the river.

Friday morning was beautiful sunshine but later in the afternoon the rain returned and soaked everything again. Last night we were going to my brother's and saw this beautiful sunset. We were traveling west on 7 Mile Road near Nicolet Road.

The National Weather Service has issued a high wind warning for today calling this the first fall-like storm of the season. That is a very accurate description of what it feels like this morning. The northwest wind is blowing at 15 mph with gusts up in the 40's. This picture below shows how the wind has pushed out the water. Yesterday that small boat was sitting in the water and today it isn't. The temperature is 47 right now.
There haven't been any boats by since last night. It seems most of them are taking shelter and staying out of Superior because of the winds. I learned on Facebook that the power was out in part of the Soo last night but so far we have been fine here. I'm loving the weather because I don't usually get to experience fall storms because after Labor Day I have to return to southern Michigan and go back to work. So this year I'm still here. But it probably won't be so nice when I go to the Chippewa County Fair in a hour to see our friends show their Belgium horses.