Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Sault in February

We had a great trip to the Sault two weeks ago. There just isn't that much snow this year. We traveled around and took a few pictures of the St. Marys River to share with you. This passenger train was in the train yard by the International Bridge Plaza. Wouldn't it be good if passenger train service became available?
Things are very quiet at the Locks-at least on the outside. Did you see the Dirty Jobs feature on the Locks in the winter. It was amazing -showing what goes on to keep the Locks clean and free of debris. You can see some short clips at Dirty Jobs.

The only sign of shipping was this barge PML 9000 moored at the Carbide Dock. Didn't see any activity around it.

It is a sad sight at Clydes to see it all closed up. Can't wait until summer.

The Sugar Islander is keeping her appointed times.

Here's the driveway to our cabin. We weren't able to get in but it won't be long now until we're back.

March starts Monday and after that it is just a few short weeks until March 25 and shipping resumes. Any of you going to be there to see the first ship?