Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January at the Soo

I'm on my way home after a short trip to Soo to spend time with my parents. It was bitterly cold yet beautiful while we were there. I thought you would enjoy some photos. 

There was an interesting controversy happening in the Soo this week. We noticed some huge piles at the Carbide dock. They appeared to be coal. But later I read in the Evening News that perhaps it was pet coke. Pet coke is more hazardous than coal. I know both Chicago and Detroit are struggling with disposal of huge amounts of pet coke. I had real concerns about pet coke sitting next to our  precious St. Marys River. 

I contacted Jeff Stafanski , a city commissioner and received the following reply this morning. 

Dear Brenda
    It is not petcoke that is pile at the dock.  It is just normal coal going to Essar Steel across the river.  The ice got thick and the ships could not deliver past the locks.  It is safe coal from west virginia that was delivered to Sandusky Ohio then brought here.  It is being hauled across the bridge in covered trucks , there is no harm to people , pets or they would have had to close for 2 months which could have had a impact on both communities.  The City also gets paid a rate on the tonnage of material that is dropped off at the dock, which goes to a fund repairs to the old Carbide dock.  Also a Michigan based trucking company is hauling it too.  I hope this settles any concerns you may have and thank you for contacting me.
  Jeff Stefanski

That is good news.

The shipping season is done. I stopped by the Locks Park. The sidewalks were cleared into the park but there wasn't much to see.