Saturday, June 27, 2009

Comments from Bill K.

Bill K. has been leaving comments on the Sault Boat Watcher to fill in for me while I have been traveling across the UP. His comments have been so filled with information that I wanted to put them into their own post for everyone to enjoy.

I am leaving for downstate again today and won't be back for a week. Our family has a wedding coming up and I'm helping to throw a bridal shower. Then my husband's birthday is next week too and the country always throws a party for him-it's on the Fourth. Once we return then, it should be for the rest of the summer.

Here is Bill and here are his comments for the last few days:

June 25, 2009 9:45 PM

Welcome home. Spent the day over at the Boat Nerd picnic. Nice bunch of people. Watched the Carson J Callaway down bound. Also saw the David Boyd a work tug for the Corp of Engineerss up bound. Saw the Charles M. Beeghly up bound around 3:30 PM. I would also like to pass along that the Locks Webcam have been reprogrammed and are functioning as they are suppose to. I watched 2 boats lock down bound at 9:15 tonight.
Glad to have you home safely.

June 25, 2009 10:16 PM

wanted to add one other thing to the Boat Nerd picnic. The Beeghly gave a Captains Salute to the Boat Nerds as they lined the river bank. It can send a shiver up your spine. It was really a fun day

June 27 12:46 AM

Bill K. said...

for all you fans of the Boats...I found a great picture of the old William H Donner. The picture was taken shortly after she was converted to a Crane Boat. Really a beautiful boat in her day. She hasn't been on the river since the early 80's. She is tied up and being used for storage. She will probably end up like the old E M Ford (Presque Isle) which has been across the St Mary's River on the Canadian side since November, tied up to the Purvis Docks and being stripped and then sent for salvage.
I saw the Dutch Boat Maxima go though the locks up bound with a load of windmill parts. She is a pretty boat. They have her painted red and yellow upper structure and a grey hull.
Also spotted the AlgoCape down bound at the same time. The Boat Nerd group is still in town and having a good time. Glad to have them here.

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The William H Donner in Milwaukee (1992):