Monday, February 21, 2011

The Cabin in February

My grandchildren spent the weekend with my husband and I this past week. I have four grandchildren who are an absolute delight. All of them love coming to the cabin and watching the boats but the 8 year old boy is my up and coming 'boatnerd'. He came with me to the watch the passage of the first ship of the season for 2010 and stood out in the cold to welcome the Lee A. Tregurtha through the Locks.

Yesterday he said to me, "What do you think is happening at the cabin right now?" I couldn't help but feel lonesome for the cabin. I know it is empty, cold and just waiting for our family to come back, open it up and begin our summer fun time. The flowers are probably covered in snow. There is probably some sweet pea vines still on the frame although they aren't the beautiful colors of summer but a brown, limp vine of winter.

This is the time of year to start planning our gardens for next summer. I also want to think about what I will need for the kids to play with this summer. We bring each grandchild up for their own special time there and they also come with their parents for a week-long visit. I get crafts, kites and anything fun I can secure. I'm thinking this summer we should have some toys for water fun. I'm thinking of a water trampoline. Anyone out there know a good source or have any other ideas of good play equipment for the St. Mary's River.