Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wind, Rain & Fog

We arrived back at the Cabin around 9:30 PM yesterday after having been gone downstate for several days to take care of some business. The wind was blowing here from the east harder than I had ever seen it in the summer. The water was being pushed in and came right up to our bonfire pile of brush. It is actually good to see the water level rising.

I saw two beautiful ships passed last night-American Spirit at 10:40 PM and the Algolake at 10:55. If there were other boats after that, I was gone to the land of sleep and didn't see them or hear them.

This morning things have calmed down and it is quite foggy but not foggy enough to close the River System. The James R. Barker just passed up and I could barely see it but heard it on the scanner.

It is going to be too wet today for much yard work. I'm working for the summer at the EUP Learning Center in the Sault teaching classes on writing and tutoring students in reading comprehension. Today is my first day of work there for this summer.

This photo was taken last summer at the opening of the Sault Campus. The other campus is near Brimley. I'm on the right in the yellow shirt and those are my grandkids in the picture too.

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Cathy Clementz said...

I bet there could be some awesome night photos if the moon was right...hint, hint...