Thursday, June 18, 2009


The name of the game this morning is fog-thick, heavy and silent. The visibility in the Soo is zero. Out here on the river, I can see to the water's edge, about 50 feet, and that is it.

It is very quiet. No boats anchored out front to serenade us with their fog horns. Only the geese seem to be moving in the water. The goslings are now being brought to our water front for lessons on eating from our buffet. That is the grass that we keep mowed which they interpret as preparations for them.

Yesterday was a moderately busy day of boat traffic. Here is what passed by:
Niagara Spirit

Coast Guard -small
Walter J. McCarty Jr.
Herbert C. Jackson
Burns Harbor
American Integrity
Maritime Trader

Federal Elbe
McKeil tug/barge

The tug and barge were after dark but it may have been the Niagara Spirit returning down bound from early in the morning.

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Bill K. said...

It was really foggy at 3 AM. Saw the Canadian Leger Up bound around 5:30 PM today (06/18/09). Small Coast Guard Patrol boat came into the base shortly after that. It was different from the other patrol boats. This one was polished aluminum hull with the red stripe and the coast guard logo on it. Had a high bridge on it. Looked almost like a rescue boat used off the U S coast for patrol duty. I was fishing off the docks at the city marina when she came in so I got a good look at it.