Sunday, July 5, 2009

Freighter traffic down

The published an article about the sorry state of the Great Lakes shipping industry and it talks about how the bad economy is played out on the Great Lakes.

Freighter business sinks in less than ship-shape time.

The article quotes Roger LeLievre, publisher of Know Your Ships and boat watching enthusiast.

The numbers coming from the Lake Carrier Association. The article states:

Freighter traffic on the Great Lakes is down about 40% this summer. There were 47 freighters plying the lakes last month compared with 75 during the same time last year, said Glen Nekvasil, vice president for corporate communications for the Lake Carriers Association.

The boat watchers know that this is true but it is still startling to see the 40 - 50 % reduction in freighter traffic.

Thanks to Bill K. for keeping us up-to-date on the boat traffic. It seems to have been a busy time. I hope to be returning to our cabin Monday or Tuesday.


Bill K. said...

It's been a down day for me. The only boats I have heard are the Herbert C Jackson down bound to the locks from White Fish Point at 11:45 PM and the Algosar up bound at 9 mile light at 12:15 AM

Bill K. said...
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Bill K. said...

It's been a slow day today. Herbert C Jackson was down bound earlier today and the Algosar was up bound around noon. Watched the Tug Wyoming headed down river this evening. Nothing else going on except for the rain.