Friday, June 19, 2009

New Traffic on the River

Yesterday was a moderate day of ship traffic but we had a different mode of transportation out in the river in the afternoon.

Our neighbor here on Scenic Drive has a hanger and a plane which he occasionally takes up. We have front row seats to watch. It takes a while to get the plane off of the water and into the air.

Other than that, we saw
Down bound
H. Lee White

Up bound
James R. Barker
Canadian Leader
Indiana Harbor-I heard a master salute from down river and I think it was the Indiana Harbor saluting someone on Neebish Island

The only traffic this morning has been the American Mariner up bound around 9 AM.


Bill K. said...

ok...since no one wants to talk today or since this was posted I will add to

Today is Sunday 6/21/09 Fathers Day...Happy Fathers Day to all...

I spent most of the day down by the locks. I watched the following ships.

Carson J. Callaway was Up Bound at 12:30 in front of Clydes

Federal Elbe was Down Bound out of the locks at 12:45 passed Clydes at 1:10 PM

Burns Harbor was Down Bound
in the locks at 1:20 PM with the Carson J. Callaway waiting on the down bound side.

Walter J McCarthy Jr was Down Bound from the locks at 5:10 PM passed Clydes at 5:40 PM.

I would like to pass along a safety tip for all of you that know any boaters out there. I saw a small (14 ft) boat running down the river along side the Walter J.McCarthy in front of Clydes. He the crossed in front of the ship with only about 100 yards to spare, turned around and did the same thing again. Then came back up the side of the ship and crossed behind it with only about 50 feet to spare. This is very dangerous behavior for a small craft. Pass the word to boaters to obey the law when it comes to their boats and these ships....or someone is going to get hurt. Thanks.

Sault Boat Watcher said...

Thanks Bill for the update. That's all the boats I saw yesterday too.

Thank you also for the advice on staying clear of the boats. I've seen the freighters giving several short blasts on the whistle out front here whenever small craft are in the channel. It is very dangerous.