Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Thanks to Bill K. who is commenting and filling in the ship passages when I'm busy. Bill, I'm going to be away for a few days. I really would appreciate if you could keep us up to date on what boats pass by this week.

Yesterday, the Federal Elbe passed down when my family was here for Father's Day. I love this shot. It combines lots of things I love.

Besides the boats Bill listed from yesterday, I've seen the Montrealais, the American Century going down early this morning. Actually, our house guest Bonnie, spotted the boats, used the binoculars and Know Your Ships to identify them and left notes on my computer. We're making a boatnerd out of her very quickly.

Bonnie and I are making a cross Upper Peninsula trip this week to explore bookstores. Bonnie works for a college textbook company and will be calling on clients. I'm going along to help explore the UP. I'm hoping to post during the week. If not, I hope we hear from Bill.


Bill K. said...

Today is 06/22/09..The second day of summer....boy was it hot out there.
The only boats that I saw today were the Algo Soo and the James B Aird. Both were up bound into the locks. The Algo Soo at 3:30 and the Aird at 5:45. Think cool....stay

Bill K. said...

Well, another hot day in the Soo...just got back from the locks.
day is 06/23/09...Saw the American Huron and the Canadian Leader down bound from the locks. Things have been slow lately...must be the heat.
I think going to the locks is a bad thing....the ice cream shops keep calling to me....Soo Locks Ice Cream is the may flavors to chose from....bye for now.

Sault Boat Watcher said...

Thanks for keeping up with the boats Bill.

Yes, ice cream shops are dangerous. We had hit a few on our trip this week, including a Dairy Queen in Munising and a small shop in Marquette. This hot weather really makes ice cream an important part of the trip. :)

Bill K. said...

Today is 6/25/09...I went on a picnic with the Boatnerd Group at Rotary Park. Nice group of people. Sat and talked for a few hours. Saw the Carson J Callaway down bound, the David Boyd...a work tug belonging to the Corp of Engineers, and the Charles M Beeghly up bound.
Really enjoyed the day...but any day that you can talk boats is a good day. Have fun at the Soo Engineering days this weekend.