Friday, July 10, 2009

Early Morning Fog and American Integrity

I awoke yesterday morning with a headache and I didn't even have to open my eyes to know that we were fogged in. I don't know why that happens but it frequently does. (The headaches from the fog, I mean). The fog hung on all the many webs that are outside every morning. But the fog quickly lifted and we had a beautiful day with the breeze coming off the river and making it perfect.

Last night was my two oldest grandkids last night here at the cabin. Today I'm taking them back down state to their parents. There will be more trips with more kids later this summer. But as a treat for the day we went to Clyde's for dinner. Clyde's in a drive-in restaurant right at the best boat watching spot around here.

We were watching the Sugar Island ferry and marveling about what life on an island must be like. The kids were amazed that the school bus crosses every day to pick up the students.

Just then a small Border Patrol boat was speeding up the river, probably ending the day and heading back to port. They suddenly stopped and turned around. We watched as they fished a huge log out of the river-it took two men to pull it in. For a minute, we thought we might be observing some act of international intrigue but I guess it was just a log.

The American Integrity made a beautiful sight coming up the river.

Jay, my 9 year old grandson, even got the captain to wave to him. But who could resist such an enthusiastic boat watcher.

It was a great close to a fun day to watch the American Integrity sail off into the sunset.


Cathy Clementz said...

AWESOME SHOTS!!! What a nice way for me to start the day!! I've got to know more about Clyde's drive in...I can't think where it is. Is it down the same road as Antlers???

Bill K. said...

Cathy, Head down past the Antlers and go to the Sugar Island Ferry. Clydes is in the Parking Lot of the Sugar Island Ferry.

Watched the Ojibway supply packet replenish the Herbert C Jackson as it came down bound out of the locks around 7:00 PM.

Bill K. said...

American Integrity is down bound out of the locks at 4:20 PM