Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Happenings

We've been having an incredibly cool, wet summer here. Last night was a long night with several hours of thunder, lightening and rain. I'm used to that kind of storm down state but not here.

This is the James R. Barker going down the St. Marys River earlier in the week when we had some sunshine.
Friday-The Algolake with my Facebook friend as the captain. That is also our neighbors out on their waverunner.

Saturday -This is the Kurt Paul, a saltie from Germany that is now docked in Sault, Ontario. I don't think I have seen it before. It passed the cabin during the night so I was glad that I got to see it today.

While I was photographing the Kurt Paul, I snapped these pics of the waterfront. We've had a cloudy, rainy day here with several hard storms passing through.

We're expecting a 'boatload' of company starting tomorrow and Monday. It is going to be great fun. My oldest daughter, my second-born and his wife and four kids will all be arriving. I'm hoping for great weather and lots of boats in the river. Is that too much to ask?


Bill K. said...

Nice Pics. Just got back from down state. Lot of rain and thunder. Didn't get to go over to boatnerds. Grand Kids came down to spend the day with us in Saginaw. Took them to Mid-Michigan Children Hands on Museum. They had a great time.

jasper said...

Makes me wonder if I need to pack winter clothes when we come to the U.P. in September!! Leaving the heat and humidity of Ohio is what we look forward to, but Ohio, too, has had a strange summer. Perhaps August will hot.

Loved the picture and painting of the ship.