Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday Wasn't So Quiet After All

Sunday late afternoon we had 2 down bound boats make anchor out front and it gave us an interesting look at these boats.

The American Century, while down bound, needed to face the current to anchor so the ship turned around in the river and backed into the anchorage area. What a treat to see this maneuvering.

It wasn't long before the American Century was joined by the Philip R. Clarke.

I can only speculate on the case of the stoppage but the water levels through the Rock Cut were very low. There had been a strong northwest wind all day and the on-line water level monitoring site showed the water level was at datum in the Rock Cut.

Once the wind subsided, the water levels rose and the boats resumed their journeys. The Clarke left around 10 PM and the American Century proceeded down stream at 3 AM.

One other interesting tidbit-the Avenger IV passed down bound after dark. But I heard the call-in at 9 Mile on the scanner. While talking with Soo Traffic, the captain was asked how many coils of steel they were transporting. The captain indicated they were carrying 400 coils of steel. That represents a lot of money and weight.

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