Thursday, August 7, 2008

Boat Watching Habits

How do you keep track of the boats you have seen? Or maybe a better question is, Do you keep track of the boats you have seen?

I don't admit this to many people but I do write down every boat I actually see. It started with a notebook list. The first few years were done by hand. But as I got more computer literate, I began a spreadsheet listing the names, whether they were up bound or down bound, and any interesting facts noted. I am now in my 10th summer of this list making.

I know this is probably obsessive but I enjoy it.

If any of you have interesting methods, please share it with us.

Yesterday was a busy traffic day. The Cason J. Calloway was up bound and shortly north of here it sounded three long and two short whistles. This is a formal salute. I was expecting to see a boat coming down bound that the Calloway was meeting but it never happened.

I'm thinking that maybe the Calloway was saluting the summer cabin of Roger LeLievre, the editor and publisher of our favorite ship book, Know Your Ships.

Other ship sighted were
Edward L. Ryerson
Joseph L. Block
Walter J. McCarthy Jr.
American Fortitude

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