Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday, August 23

My plans today are to spend the entire day working in the yard. As a consequence, I'll be able to watch the boats all day. So I will periodically update this blog with what is passing by out front.

I awoke to see a beautifully lighted ship just before 6 AM but it was too dark to identify it. After a heavy rainstorm this morning, we have cool and sunny for the afternoon.

8:20-Burns Harbor passed down bound
9:15 AM Lee A. Tregurtha-down bound
11:50 AM St. Clair-down bound
2:11 PM CSL Niagara- up bound
3:45 PM Edgar B. Speer-up bound
4:08 PM Ojibway Down Bound
6:05 PM H. Lee White-Up bound

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