Saturday, August 30, 2008

Edward L. Ryerson

The Edward L. Ryerson cannot travel through the river without causing some excitement. This afternoon I was resting after a trip to the Chippewa County Fair, which, by the way, was wonderful. I was awakened by several boat whistles. It turns out the Ryerson was up bound and several other ships in the system were saluting her.

So far today, we have seen the Pere Marquette 41, Algosar, American Spirit, American Republic, Frontenac, St. Clair and the Indiana Harbor. It isn't even 5 PM yet so there might be more excitement to come.

With absolutely perfect weather, I wish all boat watchers could join me today relaxing and enjoying the beauty of our spot on the St. Marys River.

1 comment:

Wireless.Phil said...

Haven't seen her in Lorain in awhile. Thing she is in lay-up.

Weird, click the wheelchair and got a bunch of scrambled cross-talk that made no sense at all.