Friday, August 22, 2008

John G. Munson

We am finally back at our cabin on the St. Marys River today. It is a relief to leave the high humidity levels from down state and feel the cool breeze off the river.

The John G. Munson just passed up bound. According to, the Munson loaded coal at Sandusky, Ohio and is on the way to Ontonagon, Michigan to unload and then is proceeding to Two Harbors, Minnesota.

The Duluth Shipping News tells us that the Munson is: "Expected to arrive Two Harbors at 07:30 on Sunday, August 24 for DM&IR to load iron ore pellets N2 & SL. Note: Coming from Ontonagon MI -discharging on 8/23/c.18:00."

Also by tonight is the American Mariner and BBC Plata which sails out of Germany.

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