Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thank You to Lake Superior

We woke during the night to find the curtains blowing almost out straight and rain coming in.  We quickly got up to close all the windows in the cabin.  A new weather system had moved in.  Thank you Lake Superior for providing the cool air after several days of heat and humidity.

 In the morning we were greeted by mayflies.  Obviously a hatch had occurred overnight and the sides of our cabin, car and any other flat surface was covered with these insects.

The seagulls had also noticed the mayflies and a large flock was congregating out front to eat the buffet.  Either that or they were making plans for the day by deciding whether to go to Clydes or West Pier for a day's feasting.

 Most of the day was damp, windy and cold.  We stopped at Karl's Cuisine and had a grilled three cheese sandwich and tomato basil soup-perfect food for a fall-feeling day.

We arrived home just as the sun was peeking out and before long the thick cloud cover had blown away and the nicest part of the day arrived.  It is now 65 degrees with an almost cloudless sky.

There was a special treat on the river this afternoon.  Paul R. Tregurtha and Hon. James L. Oberstar passed out front.  They each sounded a salute.  I never tire of witnessing this.

We also saw the Edwin H. Gott at the Locks while eating at Karl's.  I keep a log of the boats I see and I've done that for years.  Actually it is a hobby I started as a youngster.  I wish I had kept those logs books from the 50's, but I didn't.  I know it is slightly obsessive but it is something I enjoy.  If you ever have questions about what's happening in the lower St. Mary's River, be sure to ask.  I would be glad to share whatever information I have.

Happy boat watching
Sault Boat Watcher

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Anonymous said...

Your pictures are beautiful. We will be at Soo in another week ,read your site all the time really enjoy it.Thank you for posting all the ships you see .