Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Boat Watching Weekend

Monday and Tuesday have been good days for boat watching on the St. Marys River.  Early this morning I was able to enjoy the Edgar B. Speer make her way quietly up the river while enjoying a beautiful sunrise.  The geese and seagulls are always busy at an early morning hour.

You can see the gulls getting stirred up on the small islands found in the St. Marys River.  These 'islands' were formed when soil that was dredged from the shipping channel in the 1960's was dumped here.  When the water level was high, they were underwater.  But now they are visible and have become a nesting area for gulls.  This is a very noisy and smelly addition to the river during the early summer days.

 Yesterday boats included the Stewart J. Cort and the Alpena.

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