Friday, July 19, 2013

Severe Weather Hits the St. Marys River

The weather this week has been hot and the humidity has increased every day. As a cold front approached yesterday, so did some severe weather.  This isn't typical for this area.

We had a Severe Thunderstorm Warning Thursday night.  These pictures show the storm rolling down the St. Marys River.  

There were power outages across Chippewa County but I haven't heard of any additional damage  yet.

 This is the Roger Blough passing just before the heavy weather hit. 

The heaviest weather hit right after I took this picture.

We had heavy rain, wind and some thunder and lightning for several hours during the evening.  But as I sit here this morning,  the air has definitely cooled down.  We are in for some more typical UP weather for the weekend with highs predicted around 70 degrees tomorrow.

This picture from last night's storm has been posted on Facebook by several people.  The photo was taken by Laura Brown according to

This speaks to a fear that all Yoopers have when we cross the Mackinac Bridge.  

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Linda said...

Really enjoyed all these pics! You left a comment at my blog some time ago -- finally returning the visit :)