Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Every Town Erases Its History"

"Every town erases its history".  Professor James Moody of  Lake Superior State University explained why it is important to document our history before it disappears.

Moody was speaking at the Central United Methodist Church in downtown Sault Ste. Marie as part of the Celebrate with the Historic Churches program held every Monday during July and August.

I have always enjoyed these programs for the peek inside our beautiful churches as well the as the informative programs and concerts.

Professor Moody summarized the past 400 years in a program interspersed with personal accounts of citizens from the past.

The Soo has had a long history with the military starting with American troops that came here during the War of 1812 to burn the house of John Johnston for his support of the British.

There have been three Fort Brady forts starting with a wooden palisade fort.  The third location was on the hill where Lake Superior State University is located.

During the Cold War, Kincheloe Air Force Base housed atomic bombs-possibility 20 of them.  They were loaded on the B-52's and used to maintain the  stand-off with the Russians.

During my high school years I worked as a waitress at Woolworth's in the Soo.  I have no pictures of the store or the lunch counter (although it is firmly in my mind).  Now the store is closed and there is no Woolworths in the Soo.  Professor Moody is right. 

This morning there was a beautiful sunrise here on the St. Marys River.  This sight only lasts a few minutes.  I had to get out there during those few minutes to get the picture.

It is the same with our history.  It is always changing, although slower than a sunrise, but we need to document  to help us remember.  We don't know what will be important to remember 40 years from now.  I did not know that a Woolworth's lunch counter would be important to our country's civil rights struggle.  I would love to be able to show my grandchildren pictures of where I worked and explain that another Woolworths made a difference to our country.

Enjoy your today but save it for tomorrow.

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