Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Algorail-Whatever & Wherever

Sometimes boats glide silently by our cabin.  We wouldn't even know they are there.  Other times, we hear them approaching from far off.  The chug of the engine rings loud especially during the middle of the night if I happen to be up.

I've learned that it is not the size of the boat that causes the noise but rather the type and age of the engine.

The Algorail just passed on her way up to the Soo.  The Algorail definitely is in the category of a noise maker.

I read her history on  She was built in 1968 and at 640' long, she is certainly not one of the largest ships.  But this gives her an advantage.  She can maneuver into smaller ports to drop her load of stone, ore, salt, sand, coal or whatever she is carrying.

The Algorail has diesel engines that alert us to her comings and goings.

I would think a good motto for the Algorail would be -Whatever & Wherever.  That's the type of person I would like to be.  To be of service whenever and wherever I'm needed.

Algoma Montrealis just passed down bound.  Although this boat is older and longer than the Algorail, she glided silently by. However, her engines are steam-turbines.  What a difference it makes.

Algoma Montrealis

Another visitor this morning are sun fish that come into the shallow areas to play.  At least that's what we always said about this fish when I was young.  Every year for several weeks during July, the water is churned by this schools of large fish.  As I youngster I was always trying to catch them but never had any success.  Now I can 'catch' them with the camera.

Sun fish in the shallow water

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