Sunday, July 31, 2011

Land of the Midnight Sun

 We have our morning coffee looking out on the river.  This morning we were treated to a visit from 2 pair of sandhill cranes.  They came right up into our yard and seemed to be feasting on the abundance of insects in the grass.  They were very quiet and could have come and gone unnoticed.  In the above picture, you can just see them scooting over to the neighbor's yard after they had finished up at our place.

The next three pictures show the St. Marys River this evening.  They were taken about 9 PM.  I call this area the Land of the Midnight Sun because the days are much longer here than our place near Grand Rapids.  The Soo has about 20 more minutes of daylight in the morning and in the evening because we are closer to the Arctic Circle.   When we first arrive here in June, the first sign of the sun peeking over Sugar Island occurs shortly after 4 AM.  But now the night has lengthened and this morning it was about 5 AM before the gray was breaking over Sugar Island.

Boat traffic has been moderately heavy today.  I''m just watching the Manitowoc heading up and passed the Kaministiqua who was heading down.  Both are a light gray color and they saluted each other with 1 long and 2 short.  They both sail for divisions of Upper Lakes Towing Ltd. 

Other boats sighted today include:

Great Republic                       John D. Leitch       Indiana Harbor
Captain Henry Jackman         Algoway         Stewart J. Cort

Edwin H. Gott    Algosteel       Kaye E. Barker
Burns Harbor      Joyce L. Van Enkevort

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