Friday, July 29, 2011

July 28 is busy day on the St. Marys River

Bad news-I was laid low yesterday by some kind of stomach bug.

Good news-I was able to watch boats all day long and into the night.  It was a busy day for freighters.   Here's what I saw with the approximate times they passed our cabin.

Algosar           Up              7 AM
Mesabi Miner       Down     7:15 AM
Lee A. Tregurtha    Down                                    
Victory & James L. Kuper  Down
Canadian Enterprise   Up
Edwin H. Gott             Up
Anglian Lady             Up
Great Republic          Down
Algoway                   Up 
Algoma Discovery    Up
Frontenac      Down       5 PM
Saginaw   Up    5 PM
Steward J. Cort     Up    9 PM
American Century   Down 11 PM
Arthur M. Anderson  Down    4 AM

What a great day for boat watching.  The weather was in the low 80's but very muggy.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to assist on the project for the day which was removing tree tops that had blown over in the freak wind storm from May.  We have removed the 6 trees that were blown down but there were two trees that had broken off at the top and they were balancing precariously across the driveway.  My husband and our neighbor completed the project.

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