Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

The 4th of July weekend is very busy in the Soo.  I went in to Walmart yesterday and gave up shopping after about a half hour.  It was incredibly busy.  The traffic on the I-75 Business Spur was difficult.  If you have been in the Soo this summer, you know how much road construction there is.  On Wednesday three of the major roads were closed or held up for construction.  Ashmun Street from 12th Ave to Easterday is closed until late fall.  Portage Avenue is closed at Johnston Street.  M-129 was being resurfaced this week but one lane traffic was being allowed.  It makes for a difficult time to get around town if you don't know the back streets.

Life on the St. Marys River, however, has been very quiet.  The boat traffic is sporadic and there hasn't been many pleasure craft.  This evening we've been treated to seeing many of the tugs heading down stream after participating in the tug boat races.

Right now I'm watching the American Integrity, a 1,000 footer, coming quietly down the river with the setting sun reflecting off the entire length.  It is a very peaceful way to end the day. 

We also saw the Cuyahoga,  Presque Isle and Indiana Harbor earlier this afternoon.

The Soo is a boat watcher's paradise.  On Wednesday evening, there is always a music concert in the Soo Locks Park.  Music in the Park is a treat not only for the music but also for the great opportunity to watch the big freighters.  Last week, we were treated to the music of the Pub Runners and I also got to watch the Burns Harbor lock through during the concert.

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Amy said...

I can totally agree with you about trying to get around the Soo without knowing the back streets....I don't think I did too bad, but I have been there are few times and I had a isn't bad if you know how to get around it though...