Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Time When the Living is Easy

Today is a perfect summer day on the St. Marys River. The temperature is in the mid-70's with an easy breeze off the water. The humidity is low and the morning clouds have moved on and left us with a few fluffy cumulus clouds. Here are a some pictures from the last few days. The picture above and below is the Pineglen as it passes by the Sugar Island ferry. We had dinner at Clyde's and pulled over to eat and watch boats. We were rewarded with the Pineglen. Clyde's won't be on our agenda very many times this summer. Both Tom & I are working hard to shed some pounds and although Clyde's food is delicious, I can't imagine how much fat and calories it contains.

Yesterday morning as we sat sipping our coffee and enjoying the sun as it made diamonds on the water, a young deer came down the beach. She was looking for a passage further along but seemed confused what to do about our neighbor's dock. That gave us plenty of time to enjoy watching her (or him). She finally waded into the water and went out around the dock. With the low water, she hardly got wet.

Today we have had lots of boats going by. Two times a 1,000 footer was overtaken by a smaller boat that was moving faster. I caught one with the camera. This is the American Integrity with the Sam Laud coming around her on the left. They are heading down the river. Earlier a similar overtaking occured with the Paul R. Tregurtha and the Robert S. Pierson.

We are still busy trying to get the yard and flower gardens back in shape. The weeds always have a head start on us. It would really help if we could arrive around the first of May but so far our schedule hasn't allowed that. Does anyone have any suggestions of plants that will come up on their own and be big enough to keep the weeds down? The hostas work great in the shade but I haven't got anything in the sunny areas that seems to so the trick. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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