Saturday, June 5, 2010

Salute from the Algolake

The Algolake

I took this picture yesterday as the Algolake passed by.

The Algolake is a 730 foot self-unloading bulk carrier that regularly passes by here. But she has a unique distinction. The Algolake has her own Facebook page. I really have enjoyed Facebook as a way to keep connected with family and friends but now I can get an inside look at life on a Great Lakes freighter as well. It is easy to access the page by searching for 'M.v. Algolake' on Facebook.

The pictures posted by the Algolake crew are amazing. There are pictures and videos to view.

Yesterday as I saw that the Algolake was rounding the north end of Neebish Island, I sent them a message on Facebook telling them that they were going to be passing us. They sent back a message that they would be looking for me. So when they passed we both took pictures of each other.

The highlight was that they sounded a salute-one long and two short-for me. There was another vessel coming down and I thought they were saluting the Kaminisqua but Brian on the Algolake sent a message that the salute was for me.

I will be watching for the Algolake's return voyage. What great fun to interact with the people who are working those great boats.

These are the pictures the Algolake took of our cabin from the boat. I'm the person in the red shirt on the shore. The white boat on the right is the Kaminisqua which was heading down bound at the time.

Our place is the little red cabin on the left.


Cathy Clementz said...

Now this sounds like fun!! I never would have thought of freighters having a facebook!! And you are apart of their "lives" now!

Sault Boat Watcher said...

Cathy, I think a Facebook page is a good idea for the people on the freighter because it would give them a social connection on what has to be an isolated job. It was fun for me to receive the salute and make the connection with them.

Bill K. said...

There are several boats with facepages, also some of the company's have face page for all the boats in the company. There are a lot of the people who work on the boats that have facepages and post regularly. Capt Anders R. on the Algolake and his wife both have facebook pages and post when the Algolake is coming into the Soo. It is fun to talk with them and it gives you some insite as to how families that work on lakers survive during the year.

Amy said...

Thanks for leaving the tidbit about the facebook page. I added them right away, as my son, who turns 4 in a couple of weeks LOVES to see the freighters. We try to get up to Brimley State Park and the Soo Locks once a year. This year though, my husband has decided he doesn't want to pull the travel trailer that far..but we will be at Roger's City at the state park there and next year we are taking our son to Engineer's Day for his birthday...

Also Thanks for posting about the boats. It is like a window into the Soo without being there. I look forward to your posts.


Sault Boat Watcher said...

Amy, My grandkids love the boats too. I call them 'boatnerds in training'.

Cathy, The facebook page really has great photos and videos of life on a boat. It looks like much harder work than I thought.

Bill, If you find any more facebook pages for boats, let us know. Thanks