Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Following Blogs & the Linda Lou

How many blogs do you follow regularly? I follow many and although I don't read them every day, I do check to see if there is any news I might be interested in. I follow blogs that represent all my interests-Great Lakes Shipping, Michigan tourism, teaching, freelance writing, cupcakes (that is a story in itself), gardening, spiritual writings, NASCAR, blogs of friends and then blogs that are just fun to read. Yooper Yarns is one of the fun blogs.

While reading a blog called The Ship Watcher today, I learned about a ship that I had heard about recently. The Linda Lou is the yacht pictured above and it was recently near Michigan. You can see some more interesting pictures of her on his blog. The name intrigued me because one of my favorite cousins is Linda Lou.

Shipping has been very slow today. Early this morning while drinking my first cup of coffee, Indiana Harbor went up. The Grand Mariner went up around 10 am and down again about 5 pm. It must have been a short stop in the Soo. The Dongeborg, one of the Wagenborg salties, went up this afternoon. It was my first sighting of the boat.

Let me know if you have any blogs to recommend. I'm always up for another good read.


Anonymous said...

I read yours, Julie Zickefoose, Rolling Dog Ranch, A New England Life, Bill of the Birds, Duluth Shipping News, Mary's View, MS Blog-Healhtalk, some others I go just to look at the photography.

Bill K. said...

watched the Ojibway down bound through the locks at 1:30 PM. Noticed something interesting about her. The Ojibway painted on the bow was painted over her original name. Without looking her up can you tell me what that name was? I already know so be honest about not looking it up.

Bill K. said...
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Bill K. said...

Saw the American Century Down Bound into the locks. Went to Brady Park and waited for her to come down past the Sugar Island Ferry. I got a couple of good pictures of her entering the River Channel and passing Brady Park.

Anonymous said...

I only follow your's :>)

Tom from bay City