Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cormorant Control

We sat at Mission Point this summer and watched cormorants dive into the deep water of the channel repeatedly. We have read and heard about the problem cormorants have been causing to the fish population around the Great Lakes.

I read an article today Government killing once-endangered cormorant that explains the history of the cormorant population which have gone from near extinction to over population in a short time. The government is now trying to find ways to reduce the numbers of birds but no one is sure if their methods are successful yet. They may only be causing the birds to move to other locations.

I'd like to hear from my readers about cormorant problems and if you are still experiencing them.

We certainly have had problems with Canada geese and sea gulls here on the St. Marys River. I am sure that their presence has added some pollution to our stretch of the river.

Any thoughts on this?

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Bill K. said...

I don't understand to much about the control that the government is trying. Nature has a way of reducing the populations when they get too large. I know I sound like a tree huger but it I know when I was in college we studied a case of over population and alternatives to it's control. I, sometimes, don't believe they study the problem long enough to reach the proper controls. Restricting the nesting areas would be a better way than poison. When the eggs are laid then harvest them to restrict the number of chicks that are allowed to survive. Poison will damage other species and can damage the environment.