Sunday, September 7, 2008

United States Border Patrol

I am enjoying a beautiful morning here on the St. Marys River. The sun has come out after several rainy days and is coming up brightly over Sugar Island.

There have been two ships this morning-the Montrealais upbound and the Presque Isle-downbound.

I just observed a U.S. Border Patrol boat streaking down the river. They have had a large presence in the river this summer as well as an expanded facility in the Sault. I found an interesting web site explaining the role of the Border Patrol in the Soo along with a photo of the type of boat I saw this morning. History of Border Patrol link.

I always wonder where the Border Patrol boats are going and if they are investigating something.

Saturday's boats included: Upbound-Pathfinder & Quebecois
Downbound-Keizerborg, Adam E. Cornelius, and Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin

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