Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Avery Bay & J.D. Graham

Tugs are among my favorite vessels to watch. I think it is because they are so hard working. I must have read a story when I was young about the 'little tug boat that could' but I don't recall it.

Sunday and Monday we had two tugs pass by here together. The Avery Bay and the J.D. Graham went down on Sunday and returned back up yesterday.

I could not find either of them in the Know Your Ships. But I did find some information by googling them.

Avery Bay-"Built in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin for the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1943. She saw service in New Orleans until 1952 & Chicago until 1978. Dan Avery picked her up at Benton Harbour, Michigan in July 2004. She has gone through major renovations including the addition of a 475 hp engine. New home port "Point aux Pins" On, Can."

I found that information on www.tugfest.net. I did not find anything about the Graham. Anyone out there able to help me out?

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