Friday, September 12, 2008

Robert S. Pierson's Troubles

A frequent sight on the river this summer has been the Robert S. Pierson who sails for Lower Lakes Towing. According to the Pierson grounded in Ludington, Michigan this week.

"On Saturday (September 6)the 630-foot Robert S. Pierson was stuck between the breakwaters trying to enter the harbor with a load of sand, according to U.S. Coast Guard Station Ludington. The ship, formerly called the Wolverine, approached from the northwest and ground to a halt. After 20 minutes of visible heavy prop wash from the back of the ship, Coast Guard Station Ludington contacted the vessel. After about 20 more minutes, the vessel freed itself."

Further investigation showed me that this is not the first time the Pierson has grounded. At least three other incidents are recorded on

According to the Ludington Daily News this grounding may be as result of reduced Federal spending on dredging. Do any of you have more information about this?

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Anonymous said...

I believe this is the exact same thing that happened to me and my family Sunday, 7/05/09, going back out of the channel in Erie, to the bay. The boat swerved into us and hit the front and side of our boat We still have yet to receive the accident report and the officer told us it will be an ongoing investigation. Does anyone out there know what we should do at this point. Our children could have been killed where they were positioned and where this boat hit us. I have much more info but we need help with this situation. Thanks, Linda