Friday, September 19, 2008

3 "Footer" Day & the Ojibway

I've returned to my river home after a brief trip away. The water level is higher than it was 10 days ago and we've lost more our our beach front-which is fine with us. The higher water level has to aid the shipping industry and we love that.

We saw three 1,000 foot ships today-Indiana Harbor, Presque Isle and the American Century. I took my granddaughters to Rotary Island and had the pleasure of seeing the Ojibway going down. A fellow boatwatcher said that there aren't many of those straight deckers left. He then explained that that means no self-unloading equipment. After all the boats I've watched, I did not know that term. What else out there don't I know that I should to be a good boat watcher? Let me know what you think is important to know or what you think I'm missing. Thanks


Anonymous said...

Just saw the Ojibway pass by the GM Ren Cen in Detroit @ 3:40pm

Sault Boat Watcher said...

Anonymous, Thanks for the updates. Was the Ojibway up or down bound?