Sunday, August 26, 2012


Once again a ship plying the Great Lakes has gone aground.

The cruise ship Yorktown became stranded in the Detroit River Saturday evening.  She was freed within hours and cleared to proceed to Cleveland.

There were no injuries reported with the 95 passengers and 35 crew members.

We've seen the Yorktown in the St. Marys River several times this summer.

 She has docked in at the Carbide dock in the Sault.  I've enjoyed seeing this beautiful ship many times.

Yorktown heading down the St. Marys River

The last day I sighted the Yorktown was August 22 as she was heading down bound at about 10 pm.  I took this picture with my new camera but I have to work on night shots!


James Sowards said...

Here is a link to the Detroit news coverage of the Yorktown grounding.

James Sowards said...

This is a link to the Detroit news coverage of the grounding.