Wednesday, August 22, 2012

West Pier Boat Watching

Where is the best boat watching place in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan?  I have several favorite spots but yesterday I spent time at the West Pier and it ranks right up there as a great view of the action on the river. 

My aunt lives in West Pier apartments and  her third floor balcony gave me a great view.  These pictures were taken there and also in the parking lot.

When the apartments were built I wondered why the contractor put the garages between the apartment buildings and the Lock's approach.  He couldn't have been a boat watcher or he would have realized what a 'million dollar' view he was obscuring with the garages.

In spite of that, there is great boat watching here.

Frontenac entering the Soo Locks

The boat is so close here that I could hear the crew talking to one another

The sunset is still beautiful even though it is partially blocked by the garages  and other buildings of the apartment complex.

Sunset at West Pier over Canada

Algoma Steel plant in Sault, Ontario

International Bridge between Michigan & Ontario

US Coast Guard vessel returning from a patrol at the head of the Locks

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