Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rock Cut-A Great Boatwatching Site

 We have had another week with guests from out of town.  It is always fun to see them become boat watchers.  When they first arrive, they are surprised to see such big boats right out front of our cabin.  As we begin to explain about the boats-that each one has an interesting name & that they all look different.  They are different colors, carry different cargoes, and are different lengths.  I can begin to see a new 'boatnerd' begin to sprout.  By the time they leave, the are true 'boatnerds'-watching and asking about each ship.

We always take them to other locations to get a closer look at the boats.  Usually that means Clydes Drive-in or the Locks.

 But this week, we headed south from our cabin to the Rock Cut.  The Rock Cut is just south of Barbeau, a small community located at 15 Mile Road and Scenic Drive. 

The Rock Cut is the down bound channel on the east side of Neebish Island.  It was literally cut out of rock.  My grandfather always talked about working on the cut and I believe that was around the 1920's.  I'll have to look into that!

The weather has been picture perfect this past week. The day time temperatures have been moderate and the evenings very cool-in the 50's.  That makes great sleeping weather.  We have been treated to a full moon this past week.  The moon has been rising over Sugar Island around 10 pm in its orange glory. 

These last shot was taken at Lake Superior State University.  I attended the 65th Class Reunion of the Sault High School Class of 1946.  I went with my father.  This is a beautiful spot to catch a view of the International Bridge and the east side of Sault Ste. Marie.

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