Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Brings A Cool Down

I've written about the strike that hit American Steamship Company but I'm happy to report that the two parties found a way to return everyone to work while still working on resolution.  So we're back in business.

Business in August means savoring the last weeks of summer.  For me that means gardening, hosting lots of company and boat watching.

Boat watching has been great this week.  Lots of traffic but no surprises.  Yesterday we saw the Manitoba.  That was the first time I have observed the Manitoba this year.

The goal of my gardening has been to have flower beds that resist weeds.  Every year when we arrive, the weeds have had a head start in our gardens and I spend the first weeks weeding.  So I'm trying several approaches.

My weeding theories:
My sweet pea bed:  I haven't been weeding it very much

One of my sea walls beds:  I put down landscape fabric and covered it with river pebbles

 My hosta bed grows so thick that very few weeds even try to grow.
 A couple of beds must be weeded by traditional methods.

 I'm trying to establish some perennials that will come up in the spring before we arrive at the cabin and choke out the weeds.

Do you notice the Kaye E. Barker in the background?

My husband tried a new method-drive over the flower bed with the truck.  Yes, that was an effective means of weed control.

Any suggestions, dear reader, to help me?  Remember, we usually don't arrive here until the beginning of June and most weeds are choking out my flower beds by then. 


Cathy Clementz said...

The only thing I can grow in any soil is weeds...and tired! Good luck!

Amy said...

what about a perenial (sp) ground mom's flower beds never look that are doing a fantabulous job!!