Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Busy Day on the St. Marys River

I stayed home all day today working in my flower beds.  The weeds always get a head start before we move up here for the summer, so I'm doing part of the beds every day.

A strong thunderstorm blew through about dinner time.  We didn't get hail here but down in DeTour there was hail.  The air is cool with low humidity tonight.  We'll be closing the windows tonight and it will be a great night for sleeping.
So being at home allowed me to watch the boats all day.  And it was a busy day.  I spotted 17 boats during the day and into the evening.  I know I don't see every boat that passes but even so 17 makes for a good day.

Here's the list of what I spotted so far today:

Lee A. Tregurtha
CSL Assiniboine
Kaye E. Barker
PML 9000
PML barge
Burns Harbor
American Spirit
Algoma Navigator
Canadian Olympic
Federal Power
Walter J. McCarty Jr.
Edwin H. Gott
American Integrity
Walter J. McCarty Jr.
Indiana Harbor
Grande Mariner

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