Sunday, June 2, 2013

Resolutions for this summer

Federal Kumano on the St. Marys River -6-1-2013
 We have returned to our cabin on the St. Marys River.  It is always an exciting time for us.  Our cabin sits empty from September to May.  Some years we have 'friends' that move in and make themselves at home.  But this year we haven't seen any mice, (so far) although they ate up all the D-Con I left for their parties.

I am making several resolutions for my blog this year.  First, I am going to label all my boat pictures so I can actually find a specific boat without having to look through many files.  That will be wonderful if I really can manage it.  Organization isn't my strong point and although I take many pictures, finding them afterward can be a challenge.  The file name doesn't even help because a wonderful boat picture may be found in Tom's Birthday file.  If I can't remember when I took a picture of a boat, then finding it is a matter of brute force-going through each file.  If you have any suggestions for picture organization, I would appreciate it.  I'm not even sure which picture storage program I should use-something in the cloud such as Dropbox or a program on my computer such as Windows Live Photo Gallery  or the software that came with my camera-View-NX2.  I have Carbonite that backs up all files daily.  What do you suggest?

My second resolution is to post frequently this summer.  What topics are you interested in hearing about?  I will write about life here on the St. Marys River and the boats that  pass by here.

The water level is slightly up from last fall.  This picture shows the extra lawn we have acquired because of the falling water level. 


Anonymous said...

I like ACDSee for editing and organizing photos. Looking forward to your posts. I spent summer vacations on Sugar Island when I was small and love hearing about the boats and the activities in the Soo!

Sault Boat Watcher said...

Thanks for the comment about ACDSee. I never heard of it butI'm going to try it now.