Saturday, August 21, 2010

Paul R. Tregurtha

Yesterday our job was to get our yard in shape before the rains came. A benefit of working in the yard here is that I can do some serious boat watching. The Paul R. Tregurtha came down and provided a great backdrop for my work.

My flowers are in full glory right now. Because we are back and forth between our place downstate, sometimes they don't do so well. We have had abundant rain this year and I have a kind neighbor who steps in and waters the flowers when needed if we're not around.

Yesterday we also saw these ships:
St. Clair
Presque Isle
Joseph L. Block
Paul R. Tregurtha
Canadian Enterprise

The rains did arrive last night. That was the second heavy rain we've had in that many days. Our yard is absolutely soggy and we won't be able to work in the yard today. There are puddles of standing water scattered all around.

We have to head downstate tomorrow. Although I am retired, I have re-entered the world of education. I am an instructional coach. In this position, I work in schools, directly with the teachers to increase student achievement. In essence, I help teachers find methods that will help the students do better. I am going to be working in two school districts, Hopkins Public Schools and Byron Center Public Schools.

I am happy to have lots of work but it puts our plans to spend many winter months here at the cabin on hold for one more year.

I will continue writing this blog when I have something to say about the river. You can read about my personal life at I blog there about the daily events in our lives.

For right now, we're leaving for just about 10 days and we'll be back for the Labor Day weekend. We don't want to miss the Chippewa County Fair at Kinross.


Cathy Clementz said...

Love your posies! What is that bush? It reminds me of a snowball bush/tree but not quite.

I'll check out your other blog too! Be safe in your travels!

Sault Boat Watcher said...

Thanks Cathy. The white flowers are hydrangeas. It is a hydrangea tree that my grandmother planted so its been blooming over 50 years here. About 5 years ago, a crew we had to remove some trees downed a tree right on top of it and it was cut off at the ground. I thought it was done for but it came back better than ever. I was heartsick because I thought I had lost it. The flowers are white but then turn a light shade of pink in Sept. This year there are already turning pink.

J Bar said...

Great photos.
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