Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dix Sept

Last Sunday the Dix Sept passed our cabin. I found this picture of the boat on their website. The Dix Sept is a privately owned vessel that is making several trips to Mackinac Island this summer. Of course, I wanted to find out more about this interestingly-named vessel and with the help of Google, I found out her story. I then emailed the owner and received a very nice response.

Hi. We purchased Dix-Sept in November of 2009 in Dana Point, CA. Dix-Sept is a 55' Nordhavn. I, together with a crew of sometimes two, and sometimes three others, brought the boat from Dana Point beginning on January 8th. We came through the Panama Canal, up the eastern seaboard, through the Canso Canal, across the Gulf of St. Lawrence, down the St. Lawrence River and Seaway, through four of the five Great Lakes, and ended in Bayfield, WI, our home port for this summer and next. We were the first pleasure boat in 2010 to come through the St. Lawrence Seaway.
In the spring of 2012 we will take Dix-Sept to the Med for three years or so.
This summer we are making three trips from Bayfield to Mackinac Island. The trip you saw us on was number two. My wife's brother, and our sister-in-law and nephew were on the trip. In two more weeks we will be making trip number three with my wife's other brother and his fiance, and two more friends.
We are semi-retired. We own a company, American Christian Tours, that takes students on class trips. I am also an active duty lead paramedic for the city of River Falls, WI. Can't golf or fish worth a darn, and didn't want to learn to knit, so went back to "paramedic" school. I was in EMS during college.
We have two sons, both adults. Both sons and our daughter-in-law were on the first Mackinac trip.

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