Monday, July 26, 2010

Beautiful Times on the River

July has been an outstanding month here on the St. Marys River in Upper Michigan. Warm temperatures and gentle breezes have greeted almost every morning. My days were filled with grandkids who each had their own visit. The youngest two came together because it was the first time either had left their parents for a week. I took them to the Boatnerd Picnic-Day 2 and they had fun hearing all the talk of boats.

We have had company for 5 weeks straight. There has been a lot of coming and going and we've loved every one. Here my youngest son and his wife enjoy the river in a moment of quiet. We had about twenty ladies over for an afternoon tea that day. The kids were getting a few quiet moments after helping setting up and serving the friends of my mom.

Several tall ships have passed going to the Tall Ships Festival in Duluth. This is the Niagara when she was tied at the Carbide Dock. The crew was busy getting the tanks pumped out and then dressing up for a walk into town. The crew was very young and they seemed to be looking for a good time. You can read more about them at Duluth Prepares for tall ships festival.
The July full moon came up at sunset last night and gave us some stunning vistas for about an hour. The reflection of the moon on the water looked like a path for walking across the river.


Cathy Clementz said...

You sure have a wonderful view of life going by! I envy you the location!

Sault Boat Watcher said...

Thanks Cathy. We really do enjoy watching everything and also sharing it with other people. I am very excited to hear about your plans for a new home. We absolutely love our 5th wheel although we have only spent 2 weeks and one other weekend in it. We're hoping to take it South for a month this winter.