Sunday, March 21, 2010

2010 Shipping Season Begins

Spring arrived this weekend and one of the best parts of Spring is the beginning of the shipping season. We were able to be in the Soo for the big event. Saturday evening we went down to the Carbide dock to witness the ship which was going to open the Locks-the Lee A. Tregurtha. She arrived just as the sun was setting on a beautiful day. It was cool and windy but just right for boatwatching. She tied up to the pier just outside the Locks for the welcome by city officials.

My son and his family were in town with me. This picture is 3 generations of boat watchers.

Here's the Lee A. Tregurtha as she approaches the Locks.

I met a fellow boat watcher watching the first boat.

Sunday morning we arrived at the Locks Park at 6:50 AM. The temperature was 16 degrees but veteran boat watchers told us we were lucky there wasn't snow and ice like there is some years. We lined the steps of the observation deck because the windows were frost covered. Here my grandchildren are trying to keep warm.

The sun was coming up in the east when the Lee A. Tregurtha sounded her whistle, revved her engines and slowly slid into the Locks.

It was really worth the long drive (to me, of course I didn't do the driving). I would like to see more of a celebration next year. Linda Hoath of the Sault Convention and Visitors Bureau is looking for ideas to make this day more special in the future. So if you have any ideas, let me know and I'll pass them on.

I received these photos from a fellow boatwatcher this morning. They are beautiful. This note was with the pictures:
Took these pictures this morning (03/21/10) Sunrise on the River down at Misson Point, Sugar Island Ferry at Sunrise, Lee A Tregurtha coming under the International Bridge at Sunrise (First Up Bound Boat of the Season), Roger Blough (Second Boat Up Bound) off Misson Point, Edwin Gott (Up Bound at Misson Point). Missed the James R Barker (First Boat of the Season Down Bound though the Soo Locks).


Bill K. said...

Did you see a gentleman with a Vietnam Veteran Cap and wearing a black coat today? He was driving a Brown Ford Pickup. He was parked at Misson Point next to the lady in the Picture. He was walking with a cane because of his artificial leg. If you saw saw me. Hope you get the pictures I emailed you. It was cold but it was fun. I met a lot of the "Boat Nerds" from down state too. I look forward to the picnic again this year. Are you going to come into town to attend it? We always get some good pictures and salutes from the boats. It is June 24 to June 27th

Cathy Clementz said...

WONDERFUL SHOTS!!! Thanks for sharing them AND the info! It is probably the closest I will get to witnessing the opening!!

SaultSage said...

I love the blog and the tweets of the boats. You really help showcase a major part of our lives in and around the Soo Looks!

Sault Boat Watcher said...

Cathy, I bet you can't wait to get back to the UP. We will try to make you into a boatnerd yet!

Sault Sage, Thanks for the encouragement. It won't be long before I'm back to the Sault and tweeting all the time.

Bill, I didn't get to meet you this time. Maybe this summer. Thanks for the pictures.