Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tim S. Dool Says Good Morning

This morning I was enjoying a chance to sleep a little later than usual, when I was awoken by the a short single blast on a boat whistle. I was able to ignore it and quickly resume my last few minutes of that precious morning sleep. However, the blast was repeated again and again, so I knew it must be a foggy morning on the river.

It was foggy but ships were still moving. It was the Tim S. Dool that was moving very slowly up river. As I watched, the foggy became thicker and currently there is zero visibility out front.

Last night, I enjoyed my bedroom view of the river watching ships quietly slip by all night. Around 3 AM. the moon was rising over Sugar Island casting its light across the waters. The sky was ablaze with stars. When we were young, my sister called the night boats 'star boats' and that is a fitting name because they have lights their entire length and they were part of a beautiful evening. Boats quietly make their way to their next destination but this is an especially wonderful time to observe the boats.

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