Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Still the Charles M. Beeghly

Today the river traffic seemed slow but sometimes that is because I am so busy. It was a cool, rainy day here in the north country and so I chose to spend some time in town attending a movie.

Ships that I did see were the Buffalo, St. Clair, H. Lee White, Algocape, and the Charles M. Beeghly. The Beeghly is one of my favorites because it is one of the old time designs. I was reading today that in 2007, the Beeghly was renamed the James L. Oberstar after a long-time Minnesota congressman who has promoted Great Lakes shipping. However, after the ship was renamed, Oberstar requested that the name remain the Beeghly. He felt that is was inappropriate for his name to be used.
I have added My Boatwatching Spreadsheet as a link so you can see a real-time spreadsheet of the boats I observe here on the river.

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