Monday, June 23, 2008

Presque Isle

While sitting at the Sugar Island ferry dock enjoying dinner, we saw the transport of a mobile home. This was accomplished by backing the mobile home onto the ferry and then turning the ferry around in the river.

On the way home, we got to see the Presque Isle. This is a unique configuration for a 1,000 foot ship. It is an intergrated tug that is 153 feet with the remainder of the ship making up the 1,000 foot. I was able to take this picture of the big boat.

We also saw the following today: St. Clair, James R. Barker, American Courage, Herbert C. Jackson, Frontenac, Roger Blough, Yancanuck, Walter J. McCarthy Jr.

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Tom said...

Very unique combination indeed, It is pretty cool what they can do to make the length. I do have a question for you,
My 3 sons and I are planning a trip in july to the Soo, It will be July 11-12 to be exact. Can you recommend more to do up there in the Soo area? We are regular vistors to the area so we would like a little more to do besides the normal things. Ay help you can provide would be great. Tom