Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Gales of November -November 9 in Michigan History

I'm sitting in my warm living room listening to a howling northwest wind outside.  The northwest wind never means good weather on Lake Superior.  Especially in November.

November 9, 1913 is the anniversary of the huge storm that struck Lake Superior.  It started on November 9 and raged for three days.  It is remembered as the most devastating storm on Lake Superior.  The winds blew at hurricane force for 16 straight hours.  It is remembered as the White Hurricane.

When the winds died down 40 ships had been sunk resulting in the loss of 235 seamen. 

 The following two pictures were taken on November 9, 2008.  The St. Marys River pic was from near the Soo.  The photo of me getting blown away is from Whitefish Point later that day.  I was there getting ready for tomorrow's big anniversary-the loss of the Edmund Fitzgerald.  More about that tomorrow.

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