Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall in the Sault

The colors this week have been stunning.  After a late start for the changing leaves, we have been treated to the best of autumn's color spectacular.

If you travel west from the Sault past Brimley, Mission Hill Overlook offers some of the most beautiful views of Lake Superior.  The lake in the foreground are Spectacle Lake.

 Follow the road to the overlook and it becomes gravel.  We enjoyed the tunnel effect of the trees that covered the road like a pergola.

Of course, if I head out to Brimley, I always want to stop at Dancing Crane, the local coffee shop.  Dancing Crane is unlike most other coffee shops except that it serves wonderful lattes.

Where have you been seeing great fall colors?  In Michigan?  Or other states?


WPgirl said...

I live 3 miles from the Michigan-Indiana border in St.Joseph county Michigan. Seeing some really pretty colors here.

Sault Boat Watcher said...

WP Girl, It has been a great year for color. I traveled downstate on Sunday and saw a completely different color=white. We had snow in the Sault Sunday but it is all gone now.