Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day in the Sault

Yesterday started with a beautiful sunrise. A peaceful morning on the river and a great memory to keep up throughout the winter. A beautiful sunrise is a fleeting moment and it didn't take long for the sun to wash out the pinks in our picture. There are no geese or seagulls here now. Just a mother duck with her 10 ducklings who are now about the same size as her.

The boat traffic kept me busy on Sunday. They were making up the lost time from the wind storm of Friday and Saturday. Many boats were anchored at Whitefish Point and near the Straits. We saw the following boats on Sunday and I'm sure there were more.
CSL Niagara
Cason J. Calloway
Canadian Provider
St. Clair
Canadian Progress
American Mariner
Canadian Transport

My hydrangea tree has outdone itself this year. I never get tired of this tree that was planted 50 years ago by my grandmother.

At sunset last night, we were again treated to a Mother Nature show. Plus in this picture you can see two boats on the river. I believe it is the St. Clair going down and the Canadian Transport coming up.

Enjoy you Labor (Labour) Day. It's back to work for me on Wednesday.

The Kaministqua is out front right now heading up the river.


Tucker said...

Love your photos! Very stunning. Tucker for Miriam.

Sault Boat Watcher said...

Thank you Tucker. I'd love to publish a link to your blog. OK? You have quite a story very well stated.